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|8/11/2K I haven't updated in four months ^^; But wait, there's a really good reason! I got myself a domain, and I'm putting it together (or rather, putting off putting it together ^^;;;;). When it's all done I'll post the URL on my homepage, and abandon this site. That's right, Shelle Garden won't be updated anymore, but it'll still be here, and anything new I do will go on the new site. So, see you then!|

Table of Contents

Shi ~ An introduction to the main event

YYH ~ An action packed story about a young boy and his otherworldly adventures
GW ~ Over a hundred years in the future a war between earth and space is fought
BH ~ In a world other than ours the supressed people require champions to defend them from abusive sorcerors
R1/2 ~ Everyone's a martial artist in this comedy filled story where cold-water shows up at the most inconvenient of times

As well as...

Vision ~ Original and miscellaneous artwork
Inspiration ~ My poetry
Fabrication ~ My original stories

About the Author ~ For those who might want to know a little more about Shelle and her site

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Jordon's Cool Site Award ~ Jordon's Planet
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Nuriko's Asthetic Appeal Award ~ Yaoi no Hentais

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